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Nestle Munch Nuts brings to you a unique combination of delicious peanuts creme and wafer chocolate resulting in an explosive multi-sensorial crunch. With the coat of roasted peanut bits, Munch Nuts lets you discover something new with every bite. The chocolaty crunch with the smoothness of peanut butter-cream gives it a sweet and nutty taste, so you can savour every bite. It the same delicious taste that you have loved for years, but now with the extra power of nuts. Munch Nuts chocolate is the perfect chocolate treat when youre having a fun time with family and friends. With each bar discover sensations, flavours and textures, unlike anything youve had before. Savouring chocolate as part of a balanced diet is one of life little pleasures and this Munch Nuts makes a perfect crunchy chocolaty treat with each portion of 17.6g containing approx. 88 kcal. So, break your way to mouth-watering Munch Nuts chocolate recipes or enjoy it as it is. YOULL GO NUTS ABOUT IT!

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