Nature Fresh Sampoorna Superior MP Atta - 10 Kg

Nature Fresh Sampoorna Superior MP Atta

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Nature Fresh flour is made from the finest quality wheat grains. Nature Fresh prides itself on its selection of high quality, natural ingredients that are processed right, to produce atta that is just the right texture - neither too fine nor too coarse. This ensures that the rotis turn out to be softer and fluffier. The bran ensures that the atta retains the natural dietary fibres that make the rotis easy to digest and provide optimum nutrition to the consumer. Nature Fresh atta contains 100% wheat and does not contain any Maida (bleached flour) at all.Nature fresh values the importance of being active and alive to be ready to take on the challenges of life. It understands the importance of purity and quality of ingredients along with the technique with which they are processed for consumption. Nature Fresh offers the best of nature to maintain your energy levels so that you lead an active life.

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