Kellogg Corn Flakes with Real Almond & Honey - 300 Gm

Kellogg Corn Flakes with Real Almond & Honey

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Kelloggs Corn Flakes with Real Almond is a tasty, nourishing and wholesome breakfast. The goodness of almond inclusions with real honey can be tasted in every bite. Kelloggs Corn Flakes cereal is a nourishing and wholesome breakfast. It is prepared from actual natural corn, with iron and 8 essential Vitamins containing A, C and B-Group Vitamins, it provides a balanced combination of nourishment. Crunchy, lightly sweetened breakfast cereal with almonds and honey in every delicious spoonful, makes this an irresistible breakfast. Do not compromise on morning nourishment when you have a balanced, great-tasting breakfast that is high in Iron, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and Vitamin C. Kelloggs fortified corn flakes offer a low-fat, nutrient-dense, cholesterol-free food that encourages breakfast consumption.*Actual packaging may vary from the Image.

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