Glucon-D Instant Energy Nimbu Pani - 450 Gm

Glucon-D Instant Energy Nimbu Pani

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Summers can be daunting and especially when there an enormous scorching sun always ready to drain out your energy and stop you from being the best of you. But thank god there is Glucon-D! Glucon-D contains glucose that helps replenish body glucose and fills you with the energy required to stay active. It is easily absorbed by the body, thus giving out an instant energy boost and refreshment.Enriched with Vitamin-C and Minerals, including Calcium and Phosphorus, this glucose drink helps charge you up to fight tiredness and promotes mental alertness. What better? Added Nimbu Pani flavour makes it loved by children as well as adults. Add Glucon-D to a glass of water every day to provide growing active children with the energy that keeps them going and adults, refreshment after a long day.•Glucon D fills you with the energy required to stay active•Kick away tiredness and feel rejuvenated with Glucon-D, the preferred choice in summer when the scorching heat drains out body glucose•Glucon D helps to provide instant energy•Available in Regular as well as Delicious Lime, Orange and Mango flavours•It contains Vitamin C which improves the mental alertness that helps you to concentrate better while doing various daily tasks

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