Glow & Lovely Winter Fairness Cream - 25 Gm

Glow & Lovely Winter Fairness Cream

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Are you worried about dry and rough skin during winters when your skin looks oily because of moisturizing creams? All these problems will be taken care of by the Glow and Lovely Winter Glow. In winters, we combat dryness with oily winter creams that make our skin dull and oily and take away the glow we desire. Glow & Lovely Winter Glow contains advanced Multi-Vitamins & Active Moisturizers that helps you flaunt your glowing moisturised skin even in winters. Advanced Multivitamins gives you HD glow and 24-hour Active Moisturisers keep your skin soft and supple even in winters and keep dryness away. It also has sun protection properties that protect your skin against the sun’s UVA/ UVB rays. Glow & Lovely Winter Glow cream is easy to absorb moisturizing cream that penetrates deep in your skin and brings out its natural glow even in winters. It features glycerine and mineral oil, which naturally replenish and protect your skin from the harsh winters. So this winter just applies the Glow & Lovely Winter Glow Cream & be ready to step out with looking Glow & lovely even in winters.

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