Glow & Lovely Ayurvedic Care+ Face Cream - 50 Gm

Glow & Lovely Ayurvedic Care+ Face Cream

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Get a natural glow instantly with NEW Glow & Lovely Ayurvedic Care+ Cream. Infused with 16 expert ayurvedic ingredients, Glow & Lovely Ayurvedic Care+ Cream gives you a natural glow everyday.The 16 expert ingredients are known to give the following benefits:1. Ingredients like Manjistha, Kesar & Lotus helps clear marks and improve complexion.2. Lodhra, Khas & Neelotpal calms and soothes skin.Milk, Chandan & wheat germ oil clears uneven skin tone.Glow & Lovely Ayurvedic Care+ cream is not just a cream, it’s your ayurvedic glow expert that gives your skin a natural glow. Best effects obtained on regular usage. Suitable for all skin types but not advised for application on broken or inflamed skin.Just dot the cream over face & neck & massage in. Use twice daily for best glow results. Filled with rejuvenating & skin glow actives, it is a powerhouse of natural antioxidants that gives you a clear skin & illuminates the complexion. The natural agents calm and soothes your skin.

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