Funfoods Pasta & Pizza Sauce - 800 Gm

Funfoods Pasta & Pizza Sauce

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Tangy tomato mixed with select spices & herbs gives a well rounded Indian taste to this Italian specialty. Add for that mouth watering taste while making Pasta or as a base sauce to be spread on pizza base. Pizza Recipe: Spread 50g (2 heaped tbsp.) Pasta & Pizza Sauce evenly on a standard 8 inch pizza base. Add cheese & toppings of your choice. Bake in oven till cheese melts. Pasta Recipe for two: Boil 200g pasta in salty water till al dente. Drain into a strainer. Heat 150g (6 heaped tbsp.) Pasta & Pizza Sauce in a pan. Add 100g water and 50g (2 tbsp.) butter. Toss boiled pasta in hot sauce. Optional: Add processed cheese, sweet corns, black olive, peas, bacon, ham, or any other toppings of your choice to enhance the taste.100% Vegetarian, Zero Trans Fat.

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