Exo Anti-Bacterial Touch & Shine Dishwash Bar - 125 Gm

Exo Anti-Bacterial Touch & Shine Dishwash Bar

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₹ 10


Exo Dish Wash Bar is an anti-bacterial dish wash that offers ultra-clean dish-washing and superior hygiene. First in its category, Exo Dish Wash Bar is a pioneering product that incorporates Cyclozan, a highly active anti-bacterial agent often used in toothpastes, and hence safe, however tough against germs that cause food poisoning. In addition, the washing bar brings a crystal-clear shine to the utensils, with an effort. With the use of the revolutionary PentaForce, 5 unique Surfactants or Penta Surfactants it is able to act on tough grease and difficult stains, thereby improving the cleaning action. Add to that, the innovative ‘Anti-Sogg’ formula that prevents excessive melting of the bar when in contact with water, making the Exo Dish Wash Bar a great value for money choice.

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